1 sq ft polished for 12 hours
polished concrete and 12” x 12” digital print
Gottingen Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

1 square foot polished for 12 hours is an act of commemoration and an attempt to archive the temporal space of artistic production, the title revealing the labour of the artist. A steel stencil, cut to the standard measure of 1 square foot provides the area for polishing the sidewalk at the former site of an artist run centre. The durational process of hand-polishing concrete was undertaken, documented and produced in a printed image at a 1:1 scale for an artist run centre publication. As a register, the public artwork and the printed image adopt the languages of their respective sites.The material language of the sidewalk is interrupted by 1 square foot of polished concrete, while the printed image is perforated so that it may be removed from the publication it is part of, activating the print material as a temporary site through which the work is created and distributed.

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