Frottage Archives (2021)
Materials: Poplar, Graphite and Cotton Paper
Exhibition: All Flesh is Grass: A Post-Memorial (2021)
Intervention at Pier 21, Immigration Museum, Halifax, Canada

Contact prints, archived within collapsable wooden forms, layer and fold frottage fragments of monuments erected to settler colonial figures throughout Kjipuktuk. This collection of prints becomes a multi-directional archive that records the built environment of colonial appropriation. Presented as a temporary intervention within a federal institution, this work is juxtaposed with our research in Poland, asking for unceded land to be acknowledged beyond protocols as a possible means of participating in reconciliation. The sites from which these frottages were created are part of an ongoing project that aims to assemble a database of sites of difficult history. This open source database is being developed as a web-based platform that functions as an open-source educational tool for artists, activists, historians and the general public.

Installation View



In sight of Elpaqkwitk (Georges Island).

Installation View.