all flesh is grass (2021)
Intervention at Pier 21, Immigration Museum, Halifax, Canada

This exhibition is a site-specific intervention that maps the unmarked graves of Jewish victims of the Holocaust into an architectural space within sight of Elpaqkwitk (Georges Island). Using installation, photo-based works, print-making and sculpture as forms of experimental mapping, these works are a continuation of their artistic research within the forested landscapes of Eastern Poland. At Pier 21, this work intervenes in a national museum that memorializes settler immigration on Turtle Island, contextualizing the Shoah within a space of difficult history.

When presenting our research on the Shoah, we acknowledge the territory and space that we are in, and our implication as uninvited guests in Miꞌkmaꞌki. As a post-memorial, we strive to explore the inter-relationship between memory, witnessing and institutional inertia. Here, we have created an exhibition in an interstitial space - a hallway in this case - traditionally not used for exhibition at Pier 21, to explore this work as an unsettling juxtaposition.

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